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Here Are Your Meditations, Happy Healing!

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Emotional Presence Healing

Use this meditation to heal and build your capacity to be with any emotion going through you. As you repeat this meditation you’ll see that things like stress, fear, anxiety, sadness, (and all those other emotions you don’t like). Actually stop having much of an effect on you, because you’ve learnt how to feel and be present with them the RIGHT way.

This is also a great preparation and a top down approach for healing deeper wounds and traumas.

Time Travel (Part 1)

This meditation is has two parts. Part 1 only needs to be done once.

In this part we create a “Safe Haven”, which is a space in your mind or psyche, that allows your body to feel safe. This way your subconscious mind trusts you to go deeper into the origin points of your trauma and past memories.

Time Travel (Part 2)

Here we time travel back to the first point a certain trigger or blockage occured and heal it from the root. Sometimes if a feeling is too strong, you may not go all the way to the origin point, and that’s okay!

Your being and subconscious mind will never give you more than what you can handle. So just go with what comes up, and repeat the meditation with the same trigger whenever you feel ready to.

Be sure to take it easy and give yourself plenty of self-care and rest after this meditation, because it can really create some deep healing.

Important Note: Even if you feel like you’re pretending in this meditation, just go with it. Your subconscious mind talks in metaphors and so whether or not the memory was real, through the process of this meditation, healing still takes place.

Parts Work Guidance

Although we live in one body and experience ourself as one self. We have many parts to us, and each of those parts have different needs and wants. These fragments were birthed from different childhood experiences and social conditionings.

In this meditation we look at which parts of you may be causing resistances in your life, and  conversing with those parts to see what truth or belief they hold.

We then come up with a find a win-win scenario where both this aspect of ourselves, and us as a whole, can both get our needs met.

It’s important to not judge this part of yourself as wrong, but to see it’s perspective as valid, and offer a more well-rounded perspective to it… Again it doesn’t matter if it feels like you’re making it up, your subconscious talks in metaphors!

Bonus: Letting Go Breath

This meditation is a great way to release any heaviness, coming back to a balanced state. It’s greta espescially for those days where you’re not feeling it.

This is a simple breathing technique following a 4-4-8-4 pattern, (inhale-hold-exhale-hold). 

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