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Here Are Your Guided Meditations, Enjoy!

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Free Guided Meditations

Body Scan

This meditation is great at reducing tension, stress and anxiety. Bringing your attention back into the present and back into your body, rather than the cage of the mind. You can even do this one in bed to help you fall asleep!
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4x4 Breathing

This meditation helps you regulate your breath making you calmer and developing your focus. It is like hitting the reset button, bringing you into peaceful balance and ensures you’re getting the most out of your breathe!
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River of the Mind

This meditation helps you step away from the constant stream of the mind. It familiarises you with being the observer of your thoughts, rather than being caught up in them, bringing clarity, calm and balance throughout your day.
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Heaviness Into Lightness

This meditation helps you release and lighten heavy emotions. Whether it be stress, anxiety, fear, etc. This meditation helps you lighten the load and transform that heavy feeling into a light one. Slowly building your capacity to manage whatever emotion comes your way.
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