Manvir Dhinse

Emotional Healing Bundle

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    3 Guided Meditations That I Use With My Own Clients & Personal Practice

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      Includes the Following Meditations:

      Emotional Presence Healing

      In this meditation we build our muscle for Emotional Freedom! Learn to heal, process and let go of any emotion, stress, fear, etc, that your holding onto. This meditation ultimately gives the power back to you, so that you are in charge of your emotions.

      Time Travel

      In this meditation we go straight to the core of your anxieties, fears, etc, that hold you back, and pull them out from the root! If you have a specific trigger, emotion, trauma, or event that keeps repeating in your life. This meditation will deal with the core of it, so it’s no longer an issue.

      Parts Work

      This meditation is a guidance, where we look at the which parts of you cause you the most resistance, and may be self-sabotaging your success. Here we find the subconscious limiting beliefs that these parts are holding and we change them, simple!

      Bonus: Letting Go Breath

      If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or too tired to deal with whats going on inside you. This bonus meditation help you release any feeling or energy you don’t want using a potent breathing technique. This way you can still help yourself and get to a relaxed, feel-good state, without the effort!

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