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Are the Ups and Downs of Your Emotions Tiring You Out?

Stressed and Burn Out

It Doesn’t Need to Be This Way!

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"Just because you experience a variety of emotions daily, doesn’t mean they need to disrupt your life"

Manvir Dhinse

Hi, I’m Manvir. I get it, emotions can make your life feel like a mess. It’s like this extra unnecessary baggage that exhausts you from your already tiring day.

The truth is it shoudn’t be this way! And this is what I’ve shown to the clients that I’ve worked with over the years.

All that was needed were simple and effective meditation techniques. And now, with just a few minutes each day, they’re able to benefit from their emotions and experience the best mental, emotional and physical health they’ve ever had. Just as you can.

3 Simple Steps to Amazing Emotional Wellbeing

1. Book a Session

Let's spend time discussing the issues you're dealing with. We will then go through a meditation, customized to best assist your situation. Although you'll see results right away, it's a pay as you go coaching if you want to take it deeper.

2. Continue Your Practice & Watch Your Emotional Wellbeing Upgrade

Each session the meditation is recorded to create you a timeless toolbox. Should any situation arise in the future, you are fully equipped to handle it with ease.

3. Enjoy an Emotionally Empowered Life

Wake up refreshed and empowered daily, being confident in your ability to take on the day. With the best mental, emotional and physical health you've ever had.

Quick, Easy & Effective Practices, Anyone Can Do!

Meditation can seem quite daunting, especially if you’re a beginner who’s mind is constantly wondering. Together we take a step-by-step approach with quick meditations, that work regarldless of your experience.

It doesn’t matter what emotions you are experiencing, what’s happened in your life, or how heavy and impossible it seems to deal wtih. You are not alone!

This is a unique meditation coaching experience based on scientific approach, that meets you where you are, and takes you where you want to be.

Living a Healthy, Happy and Empowered Life, Where Your Emotional Wellbeing Benefits You and Your Loved Ones.


Is this beginner friendly?

This coaching is completely beginner friendly and meets you where you’re at. No prior meditation experience is required to beenfit from this!

Will this work for me?

I can give you a 100% guarantee that these meditations work, if they are implemented.

I am more advanced with meditation, do you have something for me?

Yes, using a system called the Levels of Consciousness we meet you at which ever level you are at, and take you to the next step.

Stress-Free Living Starter Kit

4 Simple and Effective Guided Practices That Will Relieve You of Your Stress Today!

Stress Free Starter Kit


Teresa O.

"Years of discomfort resolved in one session!"

Daisy J.

"I felt comforted and safe to be vulnerable (Which is not easy for me!)"

Radicus L.

"I have been more at peace, I have been even more happy, I have been even more kind and loving and patient with myself and others, so many doors have opened for me on so many different levels"

Harriet B.

"...assisted me in the completion of a tough cycle"

Live an Empowered & Stress-Free Life Today!

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