Manvir Dhinse

How To Manifest Without Desire

How To Manifest Without Desire

Have you ever tried manifesting, but you can never quite put your finger on what you want?

Maybe you specify a desire you want to manifest BUT a month later you no longer resonate with that goal or desire?

Well then this episode is for you. We will go into wh you don’t need a specific desire to manifest, but also how you can make sure you manifest the BEST possible outcome for yourself, whatever it is.

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Why Manifesting a Specific Desire Didn’t Work
5:08 An Important Factor In Manifestation
6:51 The “Highest” Vibration You Can Focus On
9:31 How to Boost Your Speed of Manifestion
10:19 Summary
11:37 Why You Don’t Manifest Your Desires Even if You Know What You Want