Manvir Dhinse

How To Meditate For Beginners [2022 Guide]
| EP 5

Often when you begin meditating, you’re told to follow your breath, ignore your thoughts, or let them pass… But STILL your mind runs rampant and as a beginner meditator it’s difficult to sit there still and meditate, so what do we do?

I found out after meditating 2-3 hours/day that as beginner focusing on your breath may not be the best way to start, because I still struggled during my training with a meditation master with my mind, until I discovered what we discuss in this episode! So here is an alternate meditation guide for beginners.

Recommended Body Scan meditation:

Here is the FREE guided meditation mentioned:…

0:00 Intro
1:01 My story as a beginner meditator
3:03 Why its so hard to be present and quiet your mind
4:10 The best beginner meditation
5:47 A Question for you
7:32 Why the peace in meditation doesn’t stay
9:12 Emotional Healing & Subconscious Deprogramming
10:10 The actual issue
10:54 An invitation for you
11:49 Recommendation for your meditation journey
12:45 Summary