Manvir Dhinse

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Meditation is a very powerful tool that can give you many practical and long lasting benefits, IF it’s practiced consistently, correctly and with a specific purpose.

My journey with it began over a decade ago after being intoduced to the concept of Enlightenment. I had an experience of a freedom that I hadn’t experienced before and it got me searching for more.

Having had a close family memory suffer from depression, I was concerned that I might get it, thinking at the time it was down to fate or genetic predisposition. I then started to study further about the mind and what the reason was behind a lot of the psychological suffering we experience today.

That led me on a mission to find out how to end this suffering and find a permanent peace, fulfilment and freedom that allowed me to live life in an effortlessly way, regardless of what was going externally (or internally) in my life. Which is what was being promised by the various Enlightenment teachings.

I also had a deep desire from the beginning to share this solution with others too, once I had found it within myself. So that everyone can free themselves from the bondage of the mind.

I began with simple meditations with binaural beats and later delved into the wide range of different practices and suggestions that are available today in the realm of meditation and spirituality.

The problem was I got lost since there were so many things that one “should do” but there wasn’t a way to know what the right practice was for me or even track if I was making any progress at all. Other than me “feeling” like I have, which then could have just been the placebo effect!

That’s when I came across the Levels of Consciousness. A map that allows you to find out where you are, and what kind of practices you should be doing to get you to the next stage. All the way to Full Consciousness, or the final stage of enlightenment.

The thing is not every meditation or practice is for everybody, and you can outgrow your practices too. Mindfulness won’t take you all the way to the “end”, and neither will energy work or raising your Kundalini.

And this is where my breakthrough came through. Learning a scientific tool that could merge with spirituality to provide a Western approach to Enlightenment.

A tool that for the first time allows you to measure your spiritual progress, so that you use the most efficient, practical and rewarding practice for you.

Now, as a certified New Humanity Life meditation teacher and working with my teacher Sat Mindo for over 2 years now, this is what I offer you today.

Manvir Dhinse

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