Manvir Dhinse

Stop Idolizing False Prophets And See YOUR Worth w/ Charlie Sellens | EP 08

Idolization is very easy in today’s world with social media where you can selectively show only one part of yourself.

It becomes a detrimental thing especially when you begin idolizing false prophets, people you trust as a reliable source for your information whether it be mentally, physically or spiritually. To the point where you may even ignore your own intuition and knowing and get yourself into something that doesn’t serve you.

In this episode I’m with a special guest Charlie Sellens, and we discuss how stop idolizing, why we even idolize in the first place and how to spot false prophets and instead see your own self worth.

With Love,

0:00 Intro
2:55 Where idolization starts and what we’ve idolized
6:52 Why do we idolize? + Mindset shifts
15:57 False prophets
27:08 How to spot a false prophet and recognize a trustworthy person
41:27 Tapping into your wisdom and worth
45:58 Concluding heartfelt messages
49:45 Where to find Charlie and what he does