Manvir Dhinse

How to Increase Your Life Force Energy Daily

Increasing your Life Force Energy, Prana, Chi, Qi is the biggest cheatcode when it comes to staying in balance, maintaing your energy throughout the day and accelerating your integration and progress with your spiritual awakening. In this video we discuss the 4 best way I have found to increase your Life Force Energy a.k.a your keep your battery full!

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Pranayama Practices + Golden Life Force Energy Meditation:

Tai Chi Gung:

Enqi Cycle Article:

0:00 Intro
1:15 What Is Life Force Energy/Prana/Chi/Qi?
2:08 Benefits of Inceasing Your Life Force Energy
6:57 Pranayama
8:40 Golden Life Force Energy Meditation
11:11 Tai Chi Gung
13:30 Subconscious Deprogramming
17:20 Bonus Method