Manvir Dhinse

Trauma Healing Basics (+ 3 Ways to Make It Easier)

Trauma healing can be a daunting and tough challenge! We all have it and we know working through it and healing that trauma makes life much more richer and enjoyable!

In this episode I’ll be discussing way in which we can make trauma healing easier (and quicker too!) As well as discussing some of the trauma healing basics to get a better all round picture on this topic.

0:00 Intro
0:46 How Trauma Occurs
4:48 The Proccess of Trauma Healing
9:08 First Way To Make Trauma Healing Easier
11:51 Second Way To Make Trauma Healing Easier
14:11 Third Way To Make Trauma Healing Easier
16:14 Bonus Tip
18:06 Summary

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