Manvir Dhinse

Non Doership (Make Life Easy Again)

Living our lives takes up a lot of energy, constantly in the state of doing, doing your work, exercise, family, etc… But what if you could do the exact same things you already do, but have it FEEL much easier and take LESS energy?

Non Doership (not the same as flow state!) is one of the benefits that arises naturally on the path of awakening when you reach the Level of Consciousness of Presences and develops onward.

It’s where the resistance that we experience in DO-ing and trying to manually live life, changes to BE-ing where it’s almost like we put life in cruise control mode and still get to our destination.

With Love,

0:00 Intro
0:37 Non Doership vs Flow State
3:12 What Non Doership Feels Like
7:39 Being Realistic
9:06 Don’t Force It!
11:24 Summary