Manvir Dhinse

How to Start Developing Your Psychic Sense

Developing your psychic sense is no different than developing any other skill. With time and training it is 100% possible that you can increase your ability to read other people, situations, events, things.

When I used to look at ways to develop this ability of mine I usually would find generic information on it, nothing that quite hit home as a real explanation or practical advice, which is what I’m going to offer you in this blog post.

I have friends that can read someone like a book, literally it’s like they’re in your head able to find out things you thought only you would know. I personally never had this type of ability naturally, and I definitely still do not have it to the degree that I’ve observed in some of my friends.

What I do have though is the ability to read enough to effectively and quickly support those who come to me for 1-on-1 sessions. I tend to use this ability mainly to find the core of an issue of someone I’m working with or to figure out what the next best step is for their growth. If I’m early for a session I sometimes find out beforehand what would end up being the focus for that session.

And of course I use it in my personal life too, to find out answers, decision making, relationships, and talking with guides. It’s a natural ability that we all have and we all can benefit from.


First thing’s first, if we want to develop this psychic sense of ours we need to have the right mental frame around it. Otherwise that will stunt our progress before even starting!


Intention plays an important role in how quickly you develop your psychic sense, and how accurately you’re able to read.

If you’re wanting it for ego purposes, like you want to show off, or even use it against a person, it will not work. With great power comes great responsibility and although with sheer will you can develop this ability, it will end up being your downfall as we’ve seen in so many tales and stories of the past.

At first, although I wanted to develop this to better assist others as a guide and teacher, there was an undercurrent of ego in the sense that I felt it would give me some significance. In other words, I wanted it so I can bypass the insecurity and imposter syndrome that I had. The ego can show up in subtle ways.

Ironically when I let go of wanting to develop it and did what I was guided to do, I noticed that my psychic sense developed as a by-product of my meditation practice, rather than needing to focus on developing it.

And still I am guided to not focus on developing it in a direct manner, which is another important point…

Your guides and soul can have a lot to do with what abilities you develop and don’t. If I had developed my psychic sense earlier in my journey I know I 100% would’ve gotten distracted from the main goal of self-realization.

So the higher aspect of yourself and guides know what is important and relevant for your growth right now, and what isn’t. Playing a role in supporting you through speeding up your development or trying to help you course correct.

And if you too follow your intuition and guidance, when the right time comes you will notice that you will naturally, without even trying, improve your psychic ability.

So it’s important to ask yourself, Why do I want to develop this psychic sense? Will this serve me on my spiritual journey at this point, or distract me?


Don’t make it a big deal! Your psychic sense is a completely normal thing, and the more you accept its simplicity and see it as a normal thing, the easier it will be to develop.

Even if you psychically found out something about someone correctly, accept it as a normal part of your reality, no big deal, this is manifestation 101.

Your thinking brain will be the main obstacle you face, and one of the ways it hinders you is when you get excited about it, because then it makes it seem like a rare thing that isn’t normal to you. Or you get into your pride and mix up your prideful thinking with what you’re actually receiving psychically.

And the other main way your mind hinders you is doubt, which is self explanatory.

However when we discuss further in more detail of how you psychically receive information in a practical way, it will hopefully help you be less doubtful and better able to accept its simplicity.

Start With What’s Natural

We all have a natural tendency of how we receive information psychically, some of us are more visual, some of us hear things, thoughts pop up in our heads, smells. What’s personally natural for me is to feel things and know things.

The main Clairs or senses tend to be clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and claircognizance (clear knowing). But it’s not limited to these, so go with what is most natural to you!

It’s much easier to start with what’s natural because most likely there’s a reason why it’s natural in the first place!

Cut out the Noise

The process of psychic reading and developing your psychic senses is about being able to hold your concentration and focus on the person or subject long enough until you start receiving information on it.

Exactly like how a radio tunes to a certain frequency and picks up information (a radio station), the same way we just need to tune our focus and attention to the thing we want to receive information about.

Essentially we’re cutting out the noise of all the other energies and frequencies around us, and tuning to the one we want to receive information from, and there are two ways we can go about this.

Focus & Concentration

Developing your focus and concentration is definitely the most obvious way to go about this. 

When we go from Dharana (Focused Concentration) to Dhyana (Meditative Absorption), it’s like we become one with the object that we’re focusing on giving us access to psychically read that subject.

Meditations that help with this are any that require you to focus on a specific object or visualization, i.e. a candle flame. Especially one where you incorporate your third eye or a visualization at your third eye, i.e. visualizing a ball of light at your third eye center/pineal gland, in the middle of your head.

(Sidenote: When you meditate on your third eye never use force, when you bring your attention there you should always be relaxed. Forcing anything can be hazardous to you mentally, psychologically and spiritually. Seek the guidance of a teacher or guide if you are uncertain about anything.)

You’re essentially teaching your mind how to ignore all the other frequencies, thoughts, distractions within and around you, honing into your object of meditation.

It takes time to develop this, but once you’ve got it, you’ve got it. And you don’t need to have perfect concentration, you just need to be able to focus long enough for you to start receiving information psychically.

The ‘River of the Mind’ in my Stress-Free Living Starter Kit can also help in developing this ability of withdrawing yourself from distractions of the mind so you can focus better.

Purification and Healing

The other way to improve and develop your psychic ability is the way that I unknowingly took, this is by clearing up the mess.

Emotional healing, trauma healing, energy work, all these things help clean your personal energy field, and when this happens you become a clear mirror for other people or things around you.

This way you’re better able to discern what thoughts, feelings and sensations are yours, versus what you’re picking up from the subject or object you’re trying to psychically read.

Also a lot of distractions come from things that need healing within us, or any mess that we have in our energy field. Which often result in thoughts and strong feelings that sway our focus. But when you reduce the distractions, naturally your focus and concentration improve.

My Emotional Healing Bundle, which you can also download for free, has a variety of meditations to heal trauma, emotions and other blocks that keep your mind distracted and thinking too much.

Bonus: Levels of Consciousness

What we discussed so far already comes as a natural by-product of embarking the journey of self-realization and moving up the Levels of Consciousness.

As you rise up (or return back), you go from your soul having access to the Astral plane, up to the Causal and beyond. This gives you access to a broader consciousness which is more transcendent of the mind and other distractions below. Hence automatically improving your psychic abilities.

Cheatcode: Your Right Brain

As many of us know already, the left side of the brain is linked to our logic, which is largely based on what we know already, categorizing things, analyzing things, etc.

Whereas the right side is linked to creativity, which is based on knowing, not on knowledge that we’ve gathered. Artists often create things that we’ve never before seen in our physical world. When they do this they’re often pulling information from the astral or non-physical planes. And it’s our right brain that is more intune with our intuition and spiritual nature.

One cheat code and hack that I came across from a psychic called Jenny Lee, is putting your attention on your right brain, and then trying to psychically receive information.

Your left brain is often where the fears, doubts and unnecessary thinking come in. Your right brain is where your intuition and knowing come in. It usually feels light, instant and doesn’t carry the heavier emotion that the left brain triggers.

This brings us onto an important point…

Learning the Taste

As you practice and develop your psychic ability, it’s mainly about learning the difference in flavor or feeling of the information you received psychically versus your own thinking. Which is a process of trial-and-error.

When you receive information psychically, usually it’s instant without any strong emotional charge connected to it. It also seems quiet at first, because your psychic sense doesn’t fight against your thoughts or other noise you have going on.

It feels like a knowing. And one of the most important points is to not analyze the information you receive. Record it, jot it down, take a mental note, but don’t analyze it until after you’ve finished receiving the information.

Sometimes the things you receive don’t make sense, but when you’re reading and receiving the information, that’s not the time to analyze. You need to just listen and be open for whatever comes, whether it makes sense or seems completely ridiculous.

Your ability to allow and just remain a witness is key. It’s like a one-way line at first, you can’t listen (receive information) and talk (put out information) at the same time

Pro-tip: When you’re psychically reading someone or something, start with what you;re familiar with. It’s way easier to read a frequency or station that you’re already familiar with, rather than a brand new one. 

Just be mindful to put aside what you know about the subject that you’re reading and come in with a blank slate.

Our underlying nature, consciousness, source, is the same. Or for the more sciencey folks, we are all quantumly entangled.

This simply means we are all connected to everyone and everything. Our psychic sense is just us receiving information from a part of ourselves that we don’t usually tap in to.

By developing our psychic sense we can start to understand each other better, become more empathetic and better our relationships, our decision making and our lives as a whole.

It’s something that’s a natural gift and birthright to all of us. Just remember to use it wisely with good intent.

With Love,