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The Story of Creation (Part 2):
The Higher Regions

Continuing from the previous post, there are 3 main regions of existence that we are going to explore, derived from the Anurag Sagar and Sant Mat tradition. These regions are more like a creative power or reality that governs and births what is in that region, just like we are all creations of the one infinite creator. Also, all the various spiritual planes/dimensions/lokas that we commonly know of can all fit into one of these 3 categories.

The 3 regions that we’re going to take a deeper look at are – Poorna Brahm (Complete Brahm), ParBrahm (Above Brahm) and Brahm. (Sidenote: Brahm is not the same as Brahma as we will see further on).

It’s best to think of these as layers of a cake or more accurately as a Russian doll. In the sense that the outermost reality gives birth to the various realities/planes/dimensions within it.

I will be sharing various bits of the Anurag Sagar’s explanation of creation where relevant. But it’s important to note a few things first:

  1. The explanation, which is in a story format, is an allegory. Meaning it isn’t necessarily a literal account for what’s happened. Allegories are used to simplify and code more complex ideas by relating it to things that we can understand, often using personification and metaphors. That way it’s easier to remember and pass down through generations.

  2. We’re using this to get a better glimpse at the overall structure and detail of creation so it’s not relevant to mention every bit of the story, otherwise it will get a bit scattered and complicated to follow. But you can always read the book itself for further detail.

  3. What I’m sharing is my own interpretation of what I’ve read, what I’ve experienced and what insight I have been given through intuition and meditation. Thus this is not going to be a 100% accurate, complete, exact explanation, just my current perspective at the time of me writing this.

  4. Often with allegories, one thing can mean several different things. In addition, what I’ve read is an English translation of the book. These are also important things to take into consideration also.

  5. As we’ll see later on, the mind is created further down the line. This is why some of the concepts (particularly those existing above the level of the mind) are more difficult to understand in an exact linear way. It would be like trying to draw a curve with straight lines, it won’t be an exact fit as reality is non-linear. However you can understand these concepts much easier in an intuitive and meditative way, beyond the mental level.

Now let’s start with the outermost layer, that which encompasses everything, the Source, Poorna Brahm.

Poorna Brahm

  • Source or God in its complete form. Said to contain an infinite number of universes.
  • Other names: Sat Purush, Akal Purush, Source, Supreme Being, God, Paramatma etc.
  • Correlating Levels of Consciousness (LOC): Divine Love (850) and above
  • Included Regions: Sach Khand / Sat Lok (Realm of Truth) and above, 11D+ and infinitely beyond

In this region we have creation in its complete eternal form. No imperfection exists as it’s completely beyond dualities. Some of the planes preceding this point contain a more subtle and latent form of duality, or you can say duality in its seed form. To where it appears that a polarity doesn’t exist, that is, until you move further on and realise.

These planes begin from Sach Khand or Sat Lok (Realm of Truth) which is the first fully manifested reality of the Absolute. From there it goes higher, or deeper, into the unmanifested realities of the Absolute.

(Sidenote: We’re not talking about manifested in the sense of the physical form we see, each plane from this region below can have its own variant of manifestation).

The Beginning of Manifestation

The story goes that Sat Purush (which is said to be the first full expression of the Absolute, the Absolute in an active form), had the will or desire to create creation, and through the first shabd or word, from himself, he created these higher regions. From there, with the following shabd or words, he created 16 sons to assist him with the rest of manifestation. Also from himself, he created all the jivas (Souls) that inhabit these creations, each with light of 16 Suns.

(Sidenote: Gender pronouns are used here but there is no split or polarity in these upper regions)

These 16 sons can be seen more abstractly as 16 qualities, principles or ingredients that are used to create the rest of creation and the different worlds below. Also each soul containing the light of 16 suns is a testament to the light which we all carry in our true essence.

The Early Beginning of Time

Now in the story, it’s one of the son’s in particular that we’re most interested in as that is the primary quality or ingredient that creates the worlds that we currently inhabit.

Dharam Rai (King Judge) / Brahm / Kal (Time) wanted his own space to live and his own creation to rule over. So he did tapas (spiritual practices) and penance for 70 yugas (ages) to please Sat Purush so that he would grant him a wish, so that he could get his own place to create.

Sat Purush, pleased with the tapas, offered him a place in Mansarover (Lake) which is in the region of ParBrahm.

Here in the story there is a bit of irony, because Kal (being time) did tapas for a certain period of time, in a plane that is eternal and has no time. In one sense time cannot have a place in the eternal if it wants to express itself, thus needing its own region to exist seems like an inevitability.



  • Above Brahm or the lower worlds of creation. Said to contain 700 quadrillion universes.
  • Other names: Akshar Purush, Daswan Dwar
  • Correlating Levels of Consciousness (LOC): Awareness (700)
  • Included Regions: Super Causal, Amritsar / Mansarover, 9D-10D. Intermediary space between Poorna Brahm and Brahm.

This region is a midpoint and not much is described about it in the story. Above it is Maha Shunya (great void) which is equivalent to the LOC Great Void (800), which then opens up to the Divine Planes of Poorna Brahm.

When we speak about enlightenment, it’s usually at this stage that it appears that you’ve reached complete enlightenment because of the vast amount of light that opens up, and the feeling of non-locality and oneness that exists at this level. Which is the case for most paths of yoga and spirituality.

At this point you have escaped the trap of Kal and have risen above the mental plane, so it is definitely a liberated state. But as an example, the light of Poorna Brahm can hold the space of an infinite amount of universes, which makes 700 quadrillion seem like a small number and light.

It’s also important to note here that the universe that we inhabit is created at the next region down, the region of Brahm. This means that the structure of our universe and the deities that are held in high regard, may be non-existent in these other universes. Other universes can be made from different principles and ingredients. This will be more clear later on.

The Fall of Time

Coming back to the story, Dharam Rai felt Mansarover was too small of a space, and he again did tapas to receive a bigger space, the three lower worlds or Brahmanda (Egg of Brahm), which at this point is in its pre-manifest, latent form.

He then needed the materials to create this creation (such as the elements (tattvas) and attributes (gunas)). Followed by the ability to birth life into these worlds. So again he did tapas so that he could ask for these things.

In response to this Sat Purush gave him the information to go to Kurma (one of the other 16 sons) who he got the materials from, which was done in an unlawful manner due to his impatience. Another ironic quality that can only exist with time.

As well as this Sat Purush created the first female Adhya who he gave the root seed to create life in these lower worlds and birth 84 lakh (8.4 million) births. (Adhya is also known as Bhavani (giver of life), Adi Shakti, Durga, Kali). Sat Purush then gave her the orders to create life for Dharam Rai’s worlds.

(Sidenote: In these higher regions there isn’t actually a male/female polarity every being is androgynous, this is clearer in the book. Also The 84 lakh births is referring to the various types of form that a soul can embody in the lower worlds).

Now Dharam Rai had what he needed to create his creation from Mansarovar. However due to his heinous acts, first with Kurma and then Adhya (which is described in the book), he was dispelled from Sat Lok  into the lower worlds, with the company of Adhya. Now Dharam Rai/Kal has his kingdom.

This can be referred to as the original sin, the disconnection from the creator or Sat Lok. On the flip side, Kal is still a creation birthed from Sat Purush, so the seed of connection is technically still there in some way.

Next we have the world or region of Brahm, the lower worlds which we inhabit. Which we’ll discuss in the next post.

With Love,