Manvir Dhinse

The Story of Creation (Part 3):
The Worlds We Live In

Art found in the book, The Anurag Sagar, published by Sant Bani Ashram, New Hampshire, USA


  • Creator of the three finite lower worlds that we live in. Said to house 21 Universes.
  • Other names: Dharam Rai, Kal Niranjan, Jot Niranjan, Kshar Purush, Negative Power
  • Correlating Levels of Consciousness (LOC): Non-Duality (670) and below
  • Included Regions: Pind (Physical plane), Anda (Astral plane), Brahmanda (Causal plane)

From the last post we know that in the story of Anurag Sagar, Brahm and Adhya have both been dispelled from Sat Lok, the region of Poorna Brahm, into the lower 3 worlds. Before we continue with what happens next, let’s take a deeper look at these two “characters”.

Adhya’s synonymous names are Bhavani, Durga, Kali which are deities or personifications that are often described as the principles of Prakriti and Shakti. Prakriti being the original or natural form of things, and Shakti the active energy or power behind creation (of the lower worlds).

Brahm’s synonymous names such as Kal (Time) and Dharam Rai (King Judge), refer to Brahm being the origin of both time and karma (hence King Judge). 

In other words, with these two “characters” we can say the nature and active power of this universe has come together with time to create this creation. And from the book, it’s mentioned that the first creation they give birth to is the Trimurti – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Also known as the creative, sustaining and destructive forces. Or in the context of time, beginning, middle and end. As well as Rajogun, Satogun and Tamogun respectively.

Then Kal had gone and hid in the upper region of the causal plane, never showing his face to the trimurti. Adhya and the trimurti then continue to create the rest of what is needed for the lower words, including the many variations of deities.

(Sidenote: Much more detail is given in this part of the story in the book)

The 3 Lower Worlds

In the region of Brahm we have 3 layers, the first being the causal (Brahmand) plane. This is where the mind is created. In this region there is no fixed form and even thoughts and concepts are living entities. Here is where you first get a taste of consciousness beyond energy and form. All perceptions and senses are one at this stage i.e. you can see sounds, feel images, etc. There is no distinction between past, present and future either, they are existing all at once.

From the causal plane, the astral (anda) is born. This is the plane of energy and where individual sense perceptions are experienced. Oftentimes we are active here with our imagination, which can feel very real if your entire focus and attention is placed there (to the degree where you no longer feel your physical body). Astral travel, psychic abilities, energy healing, these are all things that are common to the astral region. A lot of ideas and insights come from this level too, whether it be creative works or scientific breakthroughs.

The astral plane then gives birth to the physical plane (pind), which is the plane in which we’re all living and experience as real, day-to-day.

One interesting example I came across of how these planes work together to bring things into manifestation, is if in the causal plane a concept of sitting is created, it may manifest as the idea or imagination of a chair, then when someone puts the materials together, it leads to the physical manifestation of chairs.

The Negative Power

Kal is referred to as the negative power. Of course it’s just a being or principle just neutrally acting out its function. However in the perspective of the Absolute and Poorna Brahm it creates many illusions and attachments which prevents someone from realizing their true nature and origin, thus it is seen in this regard as negative.

Spirituality as it’s commonly available today also plays into this illusion, because a lot of what we have readily available to us (including many yoga styles, mantra meditations, energy work, rituals, certain meditation practices and more), are all practices that at most, take you to the top of the region of Brahm, and in some rarer instances ParBrahm.

This means that you may be liberated from the physical plane, but if you haven’t gone past the world of Brahm, you still reincarnate in the world of Brahm. Now this may be in a higher region like one of the lower heavens i.e. 5D. But then what happens in these higher planes is, since it’s quite relaxed and blissful, you spend thousands of years enjoying yourself and make little to no spiritual progress. Then most likely, you’re required to come back to a physical incarnation as a lot of the struggles force you to look deeper within.

Now it’s not to say any of these practices are bad, as they set the foundation for a higher ascent up. But my main intention of this series of blog posts was to give an overview of the spiritual planes so that you can put things in the right place.

Because at the end, it comes back to what your goal is. Is it to explore the region of Brahm with its infinite breadth of things to experience and learn? Or is it to reach complete liberation in the bliss and glory of your true home?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. Some souls still want to experience some things before working towards their final liberation, which could be in another lifetime. Whereas others have already lived many lifetimes and experiences, and they now wish to return back to their true home and nature in the Absolute.

You can have both too! Just be sure to set your primary goal for liberation, as there are many many distractions that will lead you astray. And ironically, the higher your climb, the less you get interested in the experience the lower worlds have to offer.

Importance of a Living Teacher

In today’s world of spirituality people often think they can figure it all out by themselves, because the world of spirituality is a very self-empowering field. It teaches you to be independent and not have outside agendas dictate your reality. We also get taught to follow our own intuition and pave our own way with our guides.

Now this is a great thing, and although I don’t doubt the guidance we receive from our guides and intuition, I do doubt our minds and the ability to completely follow the guidance we receive.

I do also doubt the clarity in which we can listen to our guidance and intuition, especially when we may have limiting beliefs and perspectives that we still haven’t become aware of yet. Oftentimes your guidance has to get translated and sometimes dumbed down, so you can understand it in the paradigm that you’re operating from, losing some accuracy along the way.

You will always get to where you need to, but sometimes not in the most effective or efficient way, because of the nature of the mind. It might take a couple lifetimes to do what you can do in one.

This is where the help of a physical teacher comes in, someone who has already walked the walk and has experienced many of the obstacles that you’re yet to experience. Someone who can expedite your progress and take you to the “end goal” in this current lifetime.

My reason for writing about this overview of the spiritual planes is to show how far you can go. Allowing us to have the ability to put things in the right place with our practices, and also to be able to self-validate where we’re at.

Because another issue today is that people watch a few videos, do an online course and become a spiritual teacher. Which again is a great thing as the message of a higher way of living is being spread. But for those who are looking for more detail and depth on their journey, it’s become a bit of a hindrance.

There are also a lot of charlatans and people who make you think you need blind faith in the teacher or guru, and that you can’t validate anything for yourself and need to be dependent on that teacher to tell you where you are and what to do.

That’s not the case, and although everyone’s journey is unique, there are certain thing we all come across along the way while climbing these planes. I haven’t given an in depth explanation of those in this series of posts, but you can check out the Levels of Consciousness to see some of what you may have experienced or are yet to.

Visual of Creation

To wrap things up I want to show you two charts that help give a visual image of what we’ve discussed in this series.

The first chart is by New Humanity Divine Life which incorporates a broader research from various traditions and lineages in describing these layers of creation. Whereas the second chart is a more orthodox perspective of what’s shared in the Sant Mat tradition when it comes to the spiritual ascent to the Absolute.

Divine Cosmology Chart - New Humanity Divine Life (
The Inner Planes Of Creation (

With Love,

P.S. Since I’ve given a condensed form of description of various topics in these blog posts, I’ve cut out a lot of information to give what is most essential. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message here.