Manvir Dhinse

The Story of Creation (Part 1):
Setting The Scene

Art found in the book, The Anurag Sagar, published by Sant Bani Ashram, New Hampshire, USA

There are many renditions of the story of creation and descriptions of the various spiritual planes. These range and differ from tradition to tradition, book to book, teaching to teaching.

But for the most part these stories, or at least the explanation and discourses about them, are very limiting on the spiritual path as the main treasure chest of glory, of bliss, of our true home and nature, remains veiled or misunderstood.

I’ve had the fortune to have gone through the journey with the Levels of Consciousness (LOC) with gracious and loving guidance from Sat Mindo. And through this journey I was able to experience many layers of creation and many different planes, in a more clairsentient (through feeling) way than a clairvoyant (through seeing) way. This aided me in my ability to discern what I was experiencing much better, as it’s much easier to be fooled by what you see, than what you feel.

Where Is the Mountaintop?

What I had experienced from this journey is that most descriptions of creation or the spiritual planes didn’t necessarily feel complete*. I was trying to match my experience to the common explanations that are out there, but it felt like trying to push a square object through a circular hole. The main reason for this was, what was often described as the “top” or the ultimate reality or realization, was at best midway of what I had experienced with my journey with the LOC.

A key stage where I realized this was at the LOC called Divine Love (850). At this stage I experienced a vast amount of light and bliss which was innumerable to what I had come across before. Now, light and bliss are two very common words which are used to describe almost every experience someone has when they tap into something higher than what their current state is.

The main difference however, that I felt and saw, was that the light and potency of these planes and higher above made what we refer to as the “universe” seem like a dead empty shell at best. And to be more precise, when I shared this with my teacher I literally said (paraphrasing) “It feels like the world of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva or this universe that we commonly refer to in the spiritual field is fake.” That’s how much of a difference I felt in comparison to these “higher” planes.**

It was as if it was a copy of a copy, lacking the true vitality and essence of the original. This includes the various planes, lokas and dimensions commonly mentioned in spiritual circles such as the astral plane, 5D, 6D, causal plane, cosmic and quite a few others.

Putting Everything Into Words

This had me in a bit of a dilemma, because I didn’t know how to explain or put into words, what I’ll call for now, the “Divine Planes”. So that it can be compared and contrasted with the various other spiritual planes that have been described already.

As a teacher/guide I like to make things as simple as possible, so that I/you can validate it through your own experience. It’s way too common and easy to experience spiritual highs and have a false projection of how far you’ve actually progressed (if progressing forward is your goal). And I’m not one of those who enjoys the whole codependency thing where someone completely relies on a teacher/guide for their spiritual journey with blind faith.*** I like independence and the ability for myself/yourself to independently validate and assess what you’ve experienced, rather than me/you just believing what has been said.

A big advantage to this is, if many people can validate their experiences from a simple yet detailed enough explanation. It gives more credibility to the authenticity of that model or concept. This also means that the model or concept is universally applicable to any tradition or school of practice, as long as you’re able to discern the correlating stages correctly.

Finding the Story of Creation

Fortunately, from a recommendation of Sat Mindo (where there is also a development of these concepts and models at New Humanity Divine Life), I came across the Sant Mat tradition and Surat Shabd Yoga. A tradition that holds the same values of being independent and self-validating your experiences. And more importantly, one of the books held in high regard in this tradition is the ‘Anurag Sagar’ (Ocean of Love). A book by a saint called Kabir, which portrays a conversation between him and his disciple Dharam Das in a poetic manner.

Finally through this my dilemma came to an end, as now I found a “Story of Creation” and overall description of the various spiritual planes, which more accurately matches the data I have gathered through my own experiences with the LOC. Something completely independent from the system and path that I personally progressed with, yet holding very accurate descriptions of what I have experienced and can validate for myself.

And through the next few blog articles, I’ll be talking more about what has been written and explained in this great book and this line of practice, comparing it to my personal experience, learnings and interpretations. While also addressing the more commonly accepted concepts in the spiritual field.

With Love,

*As a disclaimer, I haven’t deep dived into every tradition or school of thought regarding creation and the various spiritual planes. My journey has often led me to see the overall narrative or explanations around what is popular and commonly discussed, at which point my intuition guides me elsewhere. Often keeping me on a straight and narrow path of what is simple and universally applicable to most traditions and paths.

**There is always going to be a higher plane than where you’re at, so I want to clarify that I’m not talking about reaching the “highest” plane, as there is no such thing. 

Having said that, there is a definite distinguishable crossing point that takes you from, the commonly known “universe” and other various planes, lokas and dimensions mentioned in spiritual circles (i.e. astral, 5D, 6D, causal, cosmic, and quite a few others), and the “Divine Planes”. One is actually finite in its nature and undergoes the “Great Dissolution” or  Mahapralaya, whereas the other is non-perishable, eternal with no end, continuing further and further into the Absolute.

***I’m not saying you don’t need a teacher/guide and that you can go through the whole spiritual journey alone. There are many traps, pitfalls, and unnecessary steps which a teacher/guide can help you with since they have already walked the path. This will most definitely accelerate your progress to the “final” destination, Self-Realization, the realization of the Absolute. After which you can enjoy climbing further and further up the “Divine Planes”, which are all contained in and are a part of the Absolute, the Self, your true nature.